Who is Brian?

Brian is passionate about life and seeks to succeed in whatever he pursues.

Having spent over 16 years in the higher education industry teaching actuarial studies, statistics, finance, accounting, economics and risk management, Brian has an in-depth understanding of the theoretical foundations of the financial markets and how to analyse a wide range of data. While he delivered high quality lectures and engaged in academic research, he found time to invest his savings into the financial markets. For a number of years, he would make some gains but gave a lot of it back. 

However, in early 2013, his fortunes would change. 

Meeting with an old primary school friend one April after church, this friend opened his mind to the world of central banking and he got a glimpse into how large financial institutions would act in their own interest at the expense of the general population. From that point on, he would research deeper into this rabbit hole. From Mike Maloney to Tekoa da Silva, then to Peter Schiff, Rick Rule and Eric Sprott, he diligently read their literature and digested their interviews and talks until he could understand the dynamics of the gold mining industry.

As the gold bear market mauled many investors who ventured in this industry, he would persist, even as his losses mounted. However, he was tenacious and so  managed to endure to experience the 2015-2016 gold bull market. Not only did he recoup his past losses, he accumulated sufficient funds to allow him to pursue investing as more than just a side hobby.

Since early 2017, he began to build his own database to record operational, financial and metallurgic information of various ASX-listed gold mining companies. Having gained an intuition from his past few years of success, he tested this with the data and wrote some research reports on his findings on Hotcopper in 2018. These reports were very well received and in late 2018, he commenced writing his valuation and SWOT analysis reports for selected gold mining companies and regularly posted them on Hotcopper.

As he gains momentum on this path, he has decided to establish his own fund, the Australian Gold Fund,  putting his strategy and research skill to the test under public scrutiny. 

You are here to watch it unfold. This is his next challenge. Join him on the next stage of his journey.