In-Depth Research Analysis

Insights to Inform and Help Deliver Better Returns

 This page contains more in-depth research reports regarding gold mining companies and our findings on how they are valued by market investors and what factors are most important. These reports help us with developing our unique approach to evaluate gold mining companies with a view to identifying undervalued companies with investment potential. Using our own database containing financial and operational information from company financial reports as well as other sources to supplement our analysis, we  apply statistical data analysis techniques and draw conclusions from our findings. Our investment intuition and practices are put to the test using quantitative data and various techniques to assess to what extent our approach is theoretically sound and empirically supported.

The reports are technical in nature and may require a working understanding of financial statement definitions, accounting conventions, statistics and asset pricing fundamentals.  Every effort is made to simplify the technical information into something that the general public can understand. 

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These reports are for research and information purposes only. They do not serve as financial advice. Australian Gold Fund advises users to conduct their own research and to seek professional advice before making any further decisions. Australian Gold Fund does not take any liability in relation to any mistakes and losses incurred as a result of using these reports.